Himalayan Bluesheep Hunt by Spanish Hunters - November 2019
Bluesheep hunt 2019


Posted on, 25 November 2019 at 07:22 Pm by Global Safaris Nepal

Hunting in Himalayas is always an adventurous challenge for hunting lovers. Hunting is not easy in the mountains as hunters have to trek up to more than 4,000 meters, spot the animals and hunt it with patience. Congratulations Mr. EDUARDO and Mr. Jorge for their successful Bluesheep hunting trip and the Himalayan Trophy from Nepal. We would also like to thank all the hunting team members as well as Heli Everest and Kailash Helicopter service; for their co-operation for pick Up and drop.

Bluesheep Hunting in Nepal

Hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a unique and adventurous sport in Nepal. This hunting trip includes a helicopter flight, camping trek up to the hunting block, enjoying the rophy of Blue sheep, Himalayan Tahr, witnessing the Himalayas and many more.

11th November 2019 Helicopter flight 1.5 hours and Camp at Dule. (Hike 3 hours)

This was the first day of the trip. The hunting guest (Mr. Eduardo and Mr. Jorge) and managing director (Mr. Samsher Parajuli) flew to TemaKharka, Baglung from Kathmandu where the entire team members (24) with our guide Mr. Man Bahadur Pun were waiting for their arrival. The chopper landed; team member welcomed their guest and introduced themselves. Then, they led the way up-to their first camp at Dule. The team members carried their baggage and hunting armors. The trail passes through beautiful forest, rivers and hilly landscapes.

Hunting Camp

After 3 hours of hike, they reached Dule village where the camp was set. They took rest and enjoyed some musical program from the Nepali team members. Briefing about the hunting reserve and local environment was given to the guest by our hunting guide, Man. Radio set phone were also distributed to the team.

12th November 2019:  Camp at Syangkhola (Hike 5.6 hours)

Himalayan bluesheep hunting Camp
Tea and breakfast was served to the guest. It was another day hike up-to Syangkhola so the team member packed up and started hiking. Syangkhola was about 5.6 hours hike. Lunch was served on the way. After reaching Syangkhola, the team members started managing the camp site area and preparing the dinner. Our leaders talked about the plan for next day. Herd of blue sheep can be seen from the trails after this camp and can also be shot if possible. Man told the hunters that if they spot some old and satisfying male blue sheep in the herd then they can ask and shoot it.

13th November 2019: Camp at Dogadi Hunting Block and Hunt Bluesheep

Bluesheep hunting in Nepal 2019
Today’s camp is at Dogadi, Northern Hunting Block of Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Our Hunting guide Man and the hunters woke up very early around 4am in the morning and starting tracing the blue sheep. The animal starts grazing during the sunrise which can be a very good time to spot the crowd of the blue sheep. They crossed more than 4600 m and saw several of them. At around 12.45pm, an appealing herd of male blue sheep was seen which contemplates the hunters and then came to a conclusion that Mr. Eduardo will shot one from the herd. He hunted the blue sheep at an altitude of 5,025m, 210 meters away at around 1pm with his rifle. He got so happy and excited while he shot the blue sheep at such high altitude (5,025m, the Himalayas). Man informed the other team members on the radio set  and the team joined them in the hunting spot. Hunting Camp

The team members carried the sheep up-to the Dogadi camp. They had already set up the camp so they divided their work. Some started cooking dinner and some started skinning the animal. Both of the hunters looked very happy as their first trophy was achieved. In dinner, they had blue sheep meat and Man gave briefing of the hunting plan and spot for next day.

14th November 2019: Tracing Blue Sheep for next hunt around Dogadi.

Bluesheep hunting in Nepal 2019
Yesterday was a very happy and successful day for the hunters as well as the team because of the first hunt.  The hunting block was also enjoyable because of the mountains, hills, bushes, cliff and whole topography. Hunting in these areas are renowned as one of the adventurous sport because of the altitude and its trophy. Bluesheep hunting in Nepal 2019

15th November 2019; Back to Syangkhola Camp
The team woke up and had breakfast at Dogadi block. They packed up the tent, packed the skin, head, horn and meat of the animals. Then they retraced the trails upto Syangkhola Camp.

The hiking around Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is one of the most pristine and beautiful trek around the Himalayas. This trail offers you beautiful landscape view and panoramic mountain views.

Bluesheep hunting in Nepal 2019

After hiking down for 4-5 hours, they reached their camping spot and the team set up the tents. They had dinner and slept. This morning also they packed the breakfast and left to spot the animals early in the morning around 4am. They hiked up to more than 4600 meters. Again as the sun rose, the animals came along in a crowd to graze. The herds of the animals increased the excitement of the hunters. After pack lunch, the hunter, Guide man  and a staff went in search of the prey and shot it at around 3pm with his rifle at an elevation of 4800m and 200m away. The hunter looked very happy as they got their last hunt after a very good hike around the block. They again informed the team members to join. The members carried the sheep to the camp spot. After reaching, they skinned the animals and cooked its meat for dinner. They washed the head and horn in salt solutions and dried the skin. There were 27 people including the hunters, Samsher, Man and the team members. They enjoyed the dinner and had some musical programs for the achievement and slept.

16th November 2019: Back at Yamakharka and Farewell Night.
Like every day, they woke up and had their breakfast. Packed up the tents and retraced the trail up to Yamakharka. They passed the beautiful trails of the hunting block and then reached Yamakharka; set up their tents.
Bluesheep hunting in Nepal 2019
This was the last day of the hunting trip. A cake was offered to the hunters and celebration was done as a farewell and congratulations for the Himalayan trophy. Farewell speech including congratulation speech, thanks speech and tips program from the guest was also performed. Then, everybody enjoyed singing and dancing including the hunters and Shamsher. After that, they all went to their tent and slept.

17th November: Back to Helipad and Fly KTM
It was the day to leave the Himalayas and return KTM so the hunters packed up their bags and ammunitions and prepared to leave. The team members carried the trophy and skin of the animal up to the helipad. The guest looked so happy and satisfied with the high altitude hunting experience and the Himalayan trophy that they were taking to their country with them. The chopper arrived; the hunters and Shamsher fly backed to Kathmandu.

All the team members hike up to Burtibang and returned KTM the following day.