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Weather Forecast

The weather and climate in Nepal play a large part in affecting when visitors come to Nepal and it is useful to understand the seasonal variations so that visitors can choose to visit at the optimum time for the activities they wish to do.

The Nepali Seasons:

The weather in Nepal is reasonably stable and the climate neturally forms 4 main seasons:

Winter ( December, January & February

The Nepali winter sees predominately high pressure bringing clear skies and dry weather. The temperatures are warm in the day but as the sun sets the temperatures are warm in the day but as the sun sets the temperature falls quickly and nights are often very cold.

Pre-Monsoon ( March, April, May, Mid-June)
During the pre-monsoon you can expect more variable weather but with predomininantly clear mornings and overcast afternoons. Both the days and nights will be warm and the temperature will gradually increase as the season progresses. Thunderstorms are quite common at this time of year and are sometimes combined with short bursts of heavy rain of hailstonse.

Monsoon ( Mid- June, July, August, Mid-September)
The Monsoon season dominates Nepali climate and is a period of low pressure which brings frequent rain showers and storms. The majority of the rain falls in the afternoon and night-time but there are also occasional days of continuous rain. During the season the temperature and humidity is very high during both the night and day.

Post-Monsoon ( Mid-September, October, November)
The Post Monsoon Season brings a return to stable high pressure giving mainly clear skies, sunshine, warm days and cool nights.

The Best Season to Visit:
Each of Nepal's climate seasons offer something different and visitors do come to Nepal all the year round. However, the weather that suits most people is during the pre and post monsoon seasons. It is at this time that the majority of visitors come to Nepal.

These two main hunting seasons ( Pre-Monsonsoon, March to May and post monsoon, October to December). Both tend to be fairy dry and to provide pleasant conditions for trekking, rafting and sightseeing. Durings the pre-monsoon visitors will have the benefit of flowering plants, but visibility is sometimes reduced with hazy conditions. Post-monsoon normally provides good visibility.

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Himalayan Tahr Hunting in Nepal is neturally tahr hunting in the world. You can have tahr hunting in New Zealand and England too but these are not neturally as like Nepal which was taken from Nepal...

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Combo Hunt

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