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Great Bluesheep Hunting in beautiful country with very beautiful People.

Testimonials Mr. Less

Dear Samsher,

Thank you for a very memorable trip, Les and I had such a great time with you and all the crew. Everything could not have been any better. You have a real beautiful country with very beautiful people.

Thanks again and we hope to be back soon!

Good luck for your future and keep smiling!

Les and Lisa Wall

It was truly an experience I will not forget and was one of the most physical hunts to date for me.

Testimonials Mr. Kevin Robert Williams

Hello there, I just returned from a very successful and well organized hunt in Nepal. I was hunting Blue Sheep with Samsher Parajuli of Global Safaris. Samsher is a very young man with a great future ahead of him, he is very well connected and extremely organized. Samsher has a great team of supporting staff which made the trip very memorable.

I flew into Nepal on October 20th and was met by Samsher, from there all paperwork was in order and we began our journey into the mountains. I took a beautiful ram early on in the hunt and was able to spend some time enjoying the Nepali culture in the mountains. It was truly an experience I will not forget and was one of the most physical hunts to date for me. I was well prepared and was thankful, as the mountains in Nepal are high and steep, with amazing views all around.

Also hunting during the same time in a separate area, Christian a hunter from Denmark, took an extremely large Tahr. We got to spend a good week together after our hunts and this made for a very memorable camp and a great new friendship.

This Blue Sheep now puts me to the halfway point of 6 wild sheep on my quest for the Ovis World Slam.

Like always I look forward to the next adventure, but this one will surely be hard to top as the trip was so well organized, and in such a beautiful and remote part of the world with great people and great new friendships.

Futher Info:

Mr. Kevin Robert Williams
Albarta, Canada
Email: kevcor@telusplanet.net
Cell: 250-433-1936

I had a great hunting experience in Nepal


I had a great hunting experience in Nepal. I did my dream hunt " Himalayan Bluesheep Hunt" on last October with my friend with Samsher from Global Safaris. Samsher did great job. I did my hunt on time. Everything was well organized. The views are so nice amazing.

Special thanks to Mr. Samsher Parajuli and his team who made my wonderful of my holidays in Nepal. So lets do this Himalayan Bluesheep Hunting once in Nepal with Mr. Samsher Parajui and the Guide Man.

Heartly Recommendation.

Mr. Sergey Kuryshev.
Vladimir City, Razina, Russia,
Email: sv_kuryshev@mail.ru
Cell No: +76911115111 / +79106710333

The deam hunting of Mountain sheep Hunters

Testimonial Mr. Vadim Zakharov

Booked Himalayan Bluesheep hunting with Samsher of Global Safaris. I flew to Nepal on Oct 07, 2013 together with my friend Sergey. Met Samsher at Airport and done all paper work very well. We flew to Dhorpatan on October 09, 2013 and same day we walked 3 hours further than the helicopter landing place. Next we reached in hunting camp. On october 11, 2013, we got up early morning around 5:00 am, After a little breakfast moved ahead to search a bull Sheep. We saw a big group yesterday evening so that we followed this group. We found a mutual Bull in this group and around 4 hours very hard walk up to high rock mountain, we reached nearly by this mutual Sheep. My guide Man confirmed to shut this bull this Sheep.I shot to him and made my dream of Mountain Sheep hunt.

Really special thanks to Samsher and his team. Everything was excellent. Food was so nice. Staff were very good. They did hard job to make hunting success. Samsher made my wonderful year 2013. Nepal is a amazing country. It's really nice place so I really recommended you the Himalayan Bluesheep Hunting together with Samsher once in your life time.

Any Russian Hunter please feel free to contact to me for more info.

Mr. Vadim Zakharov
Muscow, Russia
Cell: +79107778400