Bluesheep and Himalayan Thar Hunting in Nepal -March -April 2022


Posted on, 27 April 2022 at 1:06 PM by Global Safaris Nepal

Hunting in Nepal takes place in challenging altitudes where animal might be shy but is very attentive. The terrain is steep and rugged. Usually hunters have to trek up to 4000m plus in order to spot animals and with patience. Hunters must have good physical condition in order to hunt as hunting in Nepal is challenging task in itself. It is advised to have a proper practice sessions before going hunting. Huntsman must be comfortable to shoot at distance of 400 yards or more in high altitudes mountains. One must always be aware of potential risks that may arises in hunting in high altitude mountains and is important to prepare and discuss prior to hunting with medical professionals.

Thar Hunting 2022

Mr. Patricio Migul from Mexico Congratulation!!! For your successful Blue sheep and Himalayan Tahr hunting from Nepal. We would like to thank all our team members and the helicopter service providers as well as Dhorpatan hunting reserve. Hunting in Nepal’s Dhorpatan hunting reserve is a unique experience as this trip is oddly adventurous. The trip includes Hunting, helicopter flight, camping, trekking with witnessing the Himalayas and other experiences as well.

March 29 2022 Kathmandu to Kayam Dada
This was the first day of the trip as our guest Mr. Patricio Migul and our managing director Mr. Samsher Parajuli flew to Dhorpatan hunting reserve where entire team member (25 people) with guide Mr. Man Bahadur Pun were waiting for arrival. The team member welcomed our guest and introduced themselves as they were the one to take care of all the activity for rest of the trip and they were looking forward to provide wonderful experience. The team member carried the bags and gears of hunting as well as armors. The trail then passes through beautiful forest and hilly landscapes.

After few hours of hike the team reach camp site where the camp for a night. The evening was accompanied by some music and bonfire from our team members. Our guide distributed radio set and phone to the team members and brief both guest and team about the hunting reserve and the local areas as well as the areas where the team will be moving.

March 30 Base camp
Breakfast was served along with nice hot beverage. It’s a new day and new hike as the terrain today will be more tough then that of yesterday. Base camp was around 5 hour hike from camp site of yesterday. The team then was ready to move to next location. Our team along with our guest start hiking uphill with the trail offering magnificent views and some exotic wildlife. The team stops in one of the beautiful place offering lovely view for lunch.  After lunch the team hike downhill and reach place where all of them will be spending night. The place is Base camp. Heard of blue sheep can be seen from the camp and every one was looking for the possibility to shoot as everyone was interested.

March 31
Huntsman and Guide woke up early in morning and start tracing the blue sheep. The rest of the team was planning and some are preparing breakfast. The glorious sunrise was the nice time to spot the blue sheep. They crossed 4200m hills several times, the journey was tough yet glorious. Mr. Patricio Migul took a shot from around 300 yards far in an altitude of 4805m with his rifle and that was kill shot. The Mexican guy was very happy and excited at the same time as he shot from that high altitude. Our guide informed rest of the team and later with the dead our team joined at camp site.

Our team divided the work, some busy preparing diner, some star skinning the animals. The hunter was happy as the first trophy was achieved. The dinner was included with hunted blue sheep. Our guide Man Bahadur gave briefing for the next spot of hunting for next day.

April 1
Breakfast was served along with nice hot beverage. Yesterday was good day, everyone in the camp were happy as it was the first hunt. The area or the block of Gustung is filled will hills, bushes cliffs etc. and is enjoyable. Our guide as well as hunts man start tracing Himalayan tahr. Hiking around Dhorpatan is one of most pristine and lovely trek and the place offer magnificent views of Himalayas.

April 2
The team woke up, packed up all the stuffs and move to next location as tracing the Himalayan tahr didn’t provide the good location to shoot. The team hiked for few hour and our leader Mr. Man Bahadur was leading the team along with our guest. The team comes into good camping spot and the spot was similar to the day when the first hunt was done. Teams could see heard of Tahr gazing on far away steep terrains. The team set up the camp and start preparing the dinner and some of them were busy entertaining team and guest with some music and other activity.

Bluesheep Hunting 20218

April 3
Our guide and guest both woke early in morning and start tracing the Himalayan tahr. They crossed several high altitude hills and the sunrise provide magnificent views and motivation. The heard of animal increase as they move. Despite of having plenty of animals the shot cannot be taken as some of the animals were very young, some females and as stated above they were very attentive. Grabbing some packed lunch which gave some energy for the team the changed the location and with patience they wait. The sun was ready to set down every one was exhausted and our guide spot some herd of animals and within seconds everyone was energized. Mr. Patricio Migul took a shot from around distance of 339 yards and was a head shot. He was excited, happy and filled with joy as the hunting was completed with lots of emotions.
It was last night the team prepared dinner the guest was chilling near bone fire sharing the story and experience of many things he had done in life. Lastly dinner was served and they have good times and slept in tent.

April 4
Breakfast was served along with nice hot beverage. The team packed all the stuff of camping and slowly and steady all of them marched towards village near Kayam Dada where the team spent their first night of the trip. It was the last day of the trip so the team planned farewell for the guest. Farewell speech and congratulation speech was given. The guest and team shared a bond that will last for life time but re-meeting was not defined.  Some of them become emotional as well but that’s life.

April 5
Today was the day to leave the areas of Dhorpatan. Hunter packed his stuffs the team member carried skin and horns of animal and the team prepared to depart. The guest looked happy and satisfied, doing the hunting in Himalayas, meeting new people, learning about this part of world. It was good experience he said. The chopper arrives, the hunter and Shamsher fly back to Kathmandu.


Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve